Drone Survey Little Dunmow Essex

Drone Survey Little Dunmow Essex

Drone Survey Little Dunmow Essex EDI Surveys Ltd is one of the UK’s largest and most respected survey companies. We pride ourselves in offering fast, accurate and competitive surveys with excellent customer service. Drone Survey Little Dunmow Essex.

Accuracy is a significant factor when it comes to surveying, and with the use of drones, time and precision have greatly improved – using drones can help save on-site time and also save costs of acquiring equipment for surveys. Drone Survey Little Dunmow Essex accuracy can be tracked down to +-1cm, but this depends on the type of drone, equipment, and processing software in use.

As you read further, you will see how accurate they can be, how important it is, and how it can be achieved.

How Accurate Are They?

If you are wondering what the accuracy of a Drone Survey Little Dunmow Essex could be, be rest assured that drones are remarkably precise in a survey. In most instances, they are often done within two centimeters (cm) from the exact spot, although most drones are considerably more precise than these measurements.

Drone maps made with high-quality equipment, commercial-grade GPS ground monitoring points, thorough preflight checks, and commercial-grade computing applications can be accurately reliable within 5-6 cm vertically and 2-3 cm horizontally.

Tip: These results are mostly obtainable from most competent drone companies because they have better equipment which always translates to more precise results. In addition, the type of drone in use, landscape features, flight height, and camera quality can all have an impact on the results.

How Important Is The Accuracy Of The Survey?

Drone Survey Little Dunmow Essex accuracy is crucial because precise measurements are required for the estimation of the cost of materials. Modern drones are equipped with a lot of artificial intelligence (AI) that makes it possible for a site location to be surveyed within the shortest possible time, and every element examined even from 61 meters (200 feet) in the air.

How Accuracy Can Be Obtained During The Survey

Aside from the differences in the types of drones for surveys, most of them have GPS data included in the technology that they are made of. This is to make sure that drone flight is carried out in the safest possible way and maximum accuracy achieved.

Some types of drones have unique software to check if the location you want to fly is approved and allowed. This data, together with information like camera position and height is incorporated in each drone snapshot to help you better understand where the photo was taken and what you’re looking at.

The GPS within some survey drones estimates its accuracy up to +-10m. The reason for this estimated figure is that the drone’s GPS data is calibrated and computed using a ground control station. 

The drone takes note of the distance from this ground control point using extra GPS data to get a precise location that is accurate up to +-1cm. The data collected from these surveys are most times reliably precise.

Final Words

Drone Survey Little Dunmow Essex accuracy can be refined down to +-1cm, although factors like the drone’s data processing software and the type of drone in use among others can influence the result. Also, remember that the accuracy should neither be higher or lower than required.